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Amidst all the "zomg, LiveJournal is dying!" cries, I realize that maybe my long-established friends list... no matter how awesome is may once have been... is simply wearing thing. I remember days where I could go an hour off LJ and have 50 (or more!) entries to read. Now, I'm lucky if I get that in a day.

My LJ has always been an extension of me. I've been using it since 2002 and I'd like to stay active on it longer still. But it all feels forced if it isn't an interactive community. I need my friends list to make this journal what it is. As the posts and comments from my friends have slowly waned, I've felt my interest in journaling doing the same.

I don't fault any of my friends who have drifted away from journaling, and I can never replace them. But what I do intend to do is take my skeleton list and rebuild it. (I have the technology....) To flesh out places for new friends... new people whose lives I can share and who I can let into my own. New friends, new readers who make LiveJournal worth it for me once again.

The obvious place to look is to my own friends... the people still here who have kept me around this long. If I'm around because of them, I'm sure they've got some people worth being around, too. So if you read this, in addition to posting about yourself, PLEASE please please pass the link on as widely as you can... the more the merrier!

Preamble complete, here's the meat of this... hi! I'm Twirly. I'm kinda crazy, but it's okay, you'll get used to it. I'm a geek and a nerd, eccentric to the core, and random doesn't even BEGIN to describe me. I love things like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly/Serenity, Law & Order SVU, Dexter, RHPS, Lord of the Rings, vampires (in general), HG2G, Wicked, Rent, Hairspray, Dead Like Me, and Spiderman. I like to read, I love to write, and I probably care more about animals than people, so don't take it personally. I currently work for the U.S. Census Bureau, but that's very temporary. When I'm not working, I spend a lot of time volunteering, and I have a passion for space exploration and you can find me at least attempting to go to pretty much every space shuttle launch. (Not that I have many opportunities left.)

I've been married since 2.7.9 to my wonderful Ducky, who is sometimes known as Paul. I live in Orlando, Florida and I am a graduate of the University of Florida. My degree in in anthropology with a specialization in archaeology and a minor in religion. No, there isn't any work in that, but I love it, anyway. Hopefully someday I'll be a museum curator, but I really need to go back to school first, and who knows how many times I'll change my mind between now and then.

I'm a Republican, but I don't really post about that much because I respect the fact that other people have varying views. My general stance is I can respect you for your views, and I expect the same in return. I'm also Catholic, and I LOVE being Catholic, but, coming from a background in religion, I find other ones extremely fascinating and love reading about them. But don't expect to define me by either one of those things because I'm full of all sorts of surprises. I DARE you to try and pigeon-hole me. ;)

Obviously, this post is public for sharing purposes, but I do post friends only and intend to continue doing so. I don't chase anyone down for comments, but entries that don't get comments make me sad, so I might whine about it a little. It's not personal, I swear. My user info has some more general information and, if you add me, once I add you back, you'll be able to read some more entries that I link to in the stickied post at the top.

For now, though - that's enough of ME! Let's hear from YOU! Tell me about yourself. Add me, if you like. Add each other if you like! Even if you don't want to add me, post a comment and let me know you were here, and maybe browse and find some other friends. This includes my current friends... you have to play, too! Oh - and please let me know where you found this entry from. My curiosity knows no bounds. :)

Welcome to the party - now, get posting!
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If I have someone overlooked adding you to my friends list or if I have cut you in the past, either on purpose or by accident, now is the time to tell me because, effective immediately, this journal is friends-only, and I would like to keep all my readers.
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Feminist Supremacist

I'll be honest, I was at a loss of what to write. I had several ideas- and likely good ones- but I just didn't have the motivation to write them. I'd said it all before, really. I was afraid to branch and and try something new because stepping so far outside my "comfort zone" and getting shot down would be too painful. Plus, I wasn't sure I should write at all- I'm so sick that I can't promise anything more than utter incoherency.

But, without even knowing she did so, chiara607 solved my problem for me by posting a link to the journal entry, and then specifically to this comment.

Now, the entry itself, of course, is bunk. Zoe calls Mal "sir" because he was her superior in the army in wartime. Kaylee is an utter mechanical genius who takes the job out from under an incompetent man. Sure, Inara may be a "prostitute," but in this world, it is not a demeaning profession. Instead of walking street corners, men come to her by the droves, begging for her favor. She views each application and turns it down if the applicant does not fit her liking. Isn't that more... empowering... than demeaning?

Not to mention the author doesn't even address River. Whether she never got that far in the series, or simply has no explanation for how a 17-year-old girl repeatedly overpowers numerous men on the show, as well as hordes of chemically-altered enemies at the end remains to be seen.

But, that aside, let's move on to that comment where she claims that pretty much all heterosexual sex is rape.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I have several levels to take this from, and I'll start from the most offensive: this definition of rape is supremely demeaning to the numerous women- and men- who have been violently and forcibly assaulted. The fact you can possibly argue that a woman who has gratifying consensual sex with her husband was just as violated because of the "dominant male paradigm" is both disgusting and laughable.

Furthermore, the implication that women don't really want sex, they just "think they do" paints a picture of women as being such weak, fragile creatures that they are inherently ingrained with this natural submission to the powerful Man Creature and rendered powerless to resist his masculinity. Please. When I look at my fiance, I find him attractive and I'd love to jump him (even though we're waiting TEN LONG MONTHS until the wedding...), it isn't because his essence of testosterone is so overpowering I lose control over my own free will and my feminine soul is putty in his gaze. No, it's that I'm a sexual being and I have wants and needs for gratification as well.

Is it so difficult for her to believe a woman can honestly desire sexual relations with a man? She, quite predictably, publicly identifies as a lesbian, which I don't question for a minute- she clearly believes that no woman can, of her own free will and fruition, be enamored with a man. Frankly, while I hold that others have the right to their own opinions, I just can't grasp that- isn't it far more misogynistic to claim that women are so powerless that they don't even know what they themselves want, but have to be defined in terms of what they CAN'T do because of men?

Furthermore, I resent the author's implication that Joss Whedon must abuse his wife. Aside from the controversial claim that Firefly is misogynist in the first place, I think that's a far cry from saying he mistreats his wife and light years away from calling him a "rapist." I may not know Mr. Whedon personally, but it still disturbs me to see such grave implications levied against a man for what someone believes to be an anti-feminist portrayal of widely-accepted "not nice" characters in a science-fiction Western.

While I believe men and women are of equal worth and value, I will never subscribe to modern-day feminism, which is really a masked call for feminist supremacy, wrapped in a veil of equality and good intentions. I feel the same way about some factions of the gay rights movement- while I fully support the equality of homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered individuals to their heterosexual counterparts, I have some issue with the type who go around wearing shirts that say "straight people scare me." I've always envisioned the fight for equality as a noble endeavor for equal treatment, despite minority status or a general perception of inferiority. Sometimes, these days, it seems as if it has become a fight to legitimize the minority and not be equal to, but to be considered superior to the "majority."

It begs the question just how secure these people are in their own identities. My own identity is none too common- and proudly proclaimed in my profile. You may not like it, but I don't need you to accept it for it to be right for me. I am who I am, regardless of who determines it to be valid or shuns me for my labels. I don't need to fight a battle to make myself better than those who put me down know- doesn't that make me just as bad as them? If I am to fight against the dominant paradigm, what right do I have to take it over and belittle those who used to put me down? It reminds me of the Myth of the Moundbuilders. For those of you not so archaeologically inclined, let me explain briefly. When Europeans first arrived in the Americas, it's no secret they considered Native Americans a savage, vastly inferior race. When they discovered elaborate mounds, effigies, and pyramids scattered across the continent, they could not entertain the fact that the Native Americans themselves built these and constructed a theological (and later proved fictional) race of mound builders, who had settled the continent prior to the Native Americans present at the time of contact, and whom the Native Americans had summarily vanquished. The Europeans justified their eradication of Native Americans by claiming they were just doing to the Native Americans what they had done to the mound builders. One superior race conquers another... does it then becomes okay to rise up and conquer that race in return?

Maybe Inara is a "companion" because she likes sex. Perhaps Mal isn't misogynistic- maybe he just hates everyone. Maybe some "savages" are capable of more than we give them credit for. The fact remains that all these are assumptions that lead to qualifiers that enhance the dichotomy between the majority and the minority. In order for true equality to be reached, differences must be explored, understood, and accepted. A cry for equality by means of an overthrow accomplishes nothing but putting another "dominant paradigm" into place, which must then, in turn, be subverted. And, in some instances- like the false cry of rape above- it is downright offensive.

Equality is the right of every human being, but in the quest for equality, the greatest danger is the temptation of superiority. While the author of that Firefly piece may have had the best of intentions, I believe she may be best served examining her beliefs and keeping only the ones that lead to the least amount of "bad" for the fewest amount of people.
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The funniest thing

Hurrah! I get to tell my favorite story!

Twirly carefully lays out a soft blanket on the floor, sitting cross-legged, puffing her long, flowing skirt out over her knees. Straightening up, she motions for all the standers-by to come join her on the blanket.

This is a tale from way way back in my sophomore year of college. You know, 2005. Perhaps you've heard it before, but I shall spin the tale, nonetheless, to entertain old and new listeners alike.

It was fall semester. I was taking a class called Wildlife Issues in the New Millennium. (What? It was a science credit!) Despite the name, it was actually very interesting material. The lecture itself, however, was NOT very interesting. However, one day a week, he showed a video in class and gave us a questionnaire for each video. One question from each of these questionnaires was on the exam. Being the grade-grubber I am/was/am striving to be, I, of course, showed up to each class to make sure I had all the lecture material handy. Luckily, I'd recently acquired a free laptop to keep me entertained in the non-pertinent parts of the class.

Now, when I say it was "free," well, there was a reason. It worked, sure. Much in the way a tornado is a gust of wind, it worked. It took small amounts of ritualistic dancing and minor insect sacrifice to get it turned on everyday, but once it was going, it generally kept it up. But, it was always a crapshoot. In order to give you hard numbers with which to envision this... it was a Compaq Presario 1200. The freakin' 2100 was already outdated at the time! It choked on Windows 98.

At any rate, I was one of the few students who actually attended every class, sitting right up in the front, feigning attention while really reading LiveJournal and chatting with friends. But the professor saw me there, assumed I was attentive, and gave me leeway when I slept through the second exam appeared to like me. Plus, hey... this was 2005. Not everyone HAD a laptop yet! I was chic. I was sophisticated. My laptop, I thought, was my tool and my best friend.

Halfway through the semester, I would find out it was actually my downfall and my foe.

This one fateful day, class was ending and I was getting ready to pack up and move on to my next class. I began the lengthy process of coaxing my laptop into "sleep" mode so I could safely store it in my backpack while in transit. As it did, more often than not, it refused to be subdued. My will to fight, however, was weakened by a nagging bladder and a 15-minute class change time. In desperation, I held down the power button, but to no avail. It simply would. Not. DIE. So, cursing under my breath, I grabbed that hunk of belligerent technology and trudged toward the single-stall unisex bathroom at the front of the lecture hall.

As I entered, I realized the door did not lock. Oh well, I thought to myself, I'll just put my backpack and computer right in front of the door! That way, if someone tries to come in, they'll hit them first and I'll have time to say something to stop them! It was only later I would discover the door opened not inward, but outward, any my plans at thwarting would-be intruders were ineffective.

Now, at this point, you may think you see where this is going. Oooooh no, my friends. You would be sorely mistaken.

I dropped my drawers, both over and under, and wedged them securely around my ankles. I sat on the pot and did my thing. - brief interlude - When I was done, I reached for the toilet paper and wiped. Much to my dismay, it came back smeared with red. Shit. Is it that time of the month already? Okay, well, I have a pad in my backpack, so I'll finish cleaning myself and trudge over there.

Not wanting to soil my underpants with bloodstains, I waddled over to my backpack, drawers still around my ankles, and retrieved a pad from the pouch. As I was doing this, my laptop suddenly began emitting this piercing high-pitching WHIRR sound. Fantastic. I tucked the pad under my chin and opened up the laptop to press and hold down the power button until the infernal noise stopped. It would bow to my will this time!

At this EXACT MOMENT IN TIME, the door flies WIDE open.

There I am: naked from the waist down, pants and underpants around my ankles, feminine pad tucked under my chin, leaning over a computer (seemingly surfing the web or something, I don't know?), DIRECTLY in front of the door. With a VERY surprised college-aged male standing there staring at me from about two feet away. And two rows of students from the next class doing so from their seats. The kid who threw open the door stammered. I looked and him. He looked at me. Time froze.

After a few stunned moments, I managed to stutter, "C-C-C-CLOSE THE DOOR!" He nodded and did so. I finished up as quickly as I could and gathered up my things. I seriously considered addressing the class afterwards, explaining the situation. Surely they'd understand, right? Yeah, likely not so much. Besides... that would ensure they'd recognize me later. No, I did the wise thing- I RAN out of the bathroom and through the classroom doors, leaving the last of my dignity awash in my wake.

I didn't need it, anyway, right?