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Agnus Dei

qui tollis peccata mundi

Mrs. Twirly McDuck
12 November 1985
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My bio will be in bulleted format. Why? Because I can! :D

  • I am 24 years old, born November 12, 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • I graduated from Cypress Creek High School in Orlando, Florida in 2004.

  • I am University of Florida Alumni - GO GATORS! I graduated in December 2008, majoring in anthropology with a specialization in archaeology and minoring in religion. No, there's absolutely NOTHING I can do with that.

  • As of 12.31.2007, chather and I are ENGAGED and will be getting married on February 7, 2009 in Orlando, Florida.
    UPDATE! As of 2.7.9, we are successfully MARRIED!

  • I have played clarinet since the 6th grade (1997) and continue to do so now, even through college. The 2007 football season is my first year not in the marching band. Yes, I was at the 2006 BCS game where my beloved Gators ate some Buckeye for lunch.

  • I am a fan of the Gators, the Red Sox, and anyone playing either the Yankees or FSU.

  • I am a tech geek, junior grade. To the average person, I am a whiz. Most real tech geeks, however, acknowledge my superiority to the common herd, but don't invite me to their meetings.

  • I am a pro-life, Catholic, pro-gun, anti-death penalty PROUD Republican. If you cannot tolerate this, my journal is not for you.

  • Conversely, I am full of contradictions. If you add me expecting to find ultra-conservatism, you may well end up disappointed.

  • I tolerate any view point the holder can intelligently defend. I do not tolerate hate-based belief systems (i.e. racial supremacy) or the bashing of any view point held by any of my friends. While I may not agree with you, I strongly support your right to have that belief. I do not tolerate flaming or arguing- respectful dissent is more than okay. If I express a view point you do not agree with it, I expect you to respect it, as I will do for you if you do the same.

  • I have several anxiety-related disorders. While I have them largely under control (at least in the public eye), I do still lapse into periods of severe anxiety and depression. I generally filter those posts, but I am simply not always a happy-go-lucky person.

  • I hold my friends- yes, even those on LiveJournal- very dear and would always do anything I am capable of for them, if needed.

  • I have a Facebook addiction. I used to have a MySpace, but I finally deleted it.

  • If you play cribbage, marry me.

  • I drink, but I'm not a drinker. I may post about alcohol occasionally, but it is certainly not a habit. However, I have very little tolerance for drug use.

  • I used to have a far more descriptive bio, but I realized that, just a few months later, it was no longer accurate. I am growing right now, and discovering I'm not who I thought I was. I'll put more on here as soon as I'm sure of it.

What others are saying about twirlandswirl:
clauderainsrm: I'm convinced that you put yourself together by putting a bunch of random ideas on slips of paper and then pulling them out of a hat just to confuse people!
flisleshnitz: OMG, Republicans have kinky sex! Oh, the illusions you've shattered!
gnomeangel: And... once again, you found the line and pole-vaulted over it....

So, you want to add me?

  • Please do!

  • Also, once you do, please leave a comment on this entry letting me know where/how you found me. This is merely to satisfy my ravenous curiosity. In fact, read that entire post.

  • Want to know more about me? Read this. (This post is Friends Only, so you will have to wait until I add you back to read it. Commenting on my stickied post will help this happen faster.) Then re-read that intro post in the last bullet. I like it.

  • After this? Read, comment, repeat! And, welcome!

My world is cloaked in the darkness that only the dead of night can bring
Over my head hang a thousand tiny worlds, unknown to those who dwell here
Pinpoints of light, as numerous as the grains of sand on a paradise beach
Dance the eternal dance of years gone by
My heart yearns to be among them
To join in, and learn the steps that only time can teach
I feel so misplaced on this cold, hard chunk called Earth
My spirit longs to be away
To soar higher than mortal men have dared to dream
To brush the sky with wings of light
To twirl and swirl and loose myself
Feel my body enveloped by the very fabric of time and space
I long to work my fingers through the threads that hold the Universe together
Have the secrets of infinity whispered into my ears by beings I cannot even comprehend
And be at home, finally home
Away from fear, doubt, and the chains that hold me here
Finally free, finally among the stars

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